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As Reviewed In THE CPA SOFTWARE NEWS, The Independent Voice For Accountant's Software.

"[CHECKMAGIC] worth a serious look if you or one of your clients use Quicken or QuickBooks and want to eliminate the need for pre-printed check stock... In just a few check runs this program will pay for itself."


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As Reviewed In Esquire Magazine,

"If you use Quicken software... then you should vist Since you've been too cheap to order those pricey preprinted Quicken checks for your laser printer, you've been handwriting checks (deeply unsatisfying!). But for just $19.95, CHECKMAGIC software lets you print checks, complete with your signature, directly onto blank paper."

-Ted C. Fishmann, Contributing Editor, Esquire Magazine

As Reviewed In The Providence Journal, Providence, Rhode Island's Major Daily Newspaper .

"I used CHECKMAGIC, along with Quicken, to pay about a dozen bills during a two month period, and all of the checks were accepted and cashed without any problem... I didn't use MICR toner, and my checks went through, apparently without any special handling."

-Timothy C. Barmann, Staff Writer, The Providence Journal

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As Reviewed In ACCOUNTING TODAY, The Business Newspaper for the Tax and Accounting Community.

"CHECKMAGIC...[is] meant to be used in conjunction with Quicken or QuickBooks...and it only costs $19.95... If you use one of the Intuit packages it supports, it's a great way to learn the benefits of MICR check printing without making a big investment."


"Been working with Check Magic for 2 1/2 months now, and just wanted you to know I love the product! As you may recall, I had Check Launch before and when I upgraded QuickBooks to Pro, I couldn't make the voucher part of the checks work. After following instructions you sent, Check Magic worked like a dream! 

Just wanted you to know I'm happy with the product, check appearance is SO MUCH more professional looking than Check clients are happier too!


-Karen Schoch
Accurate Books & Business Services,Inc
Temperance, MI 

"Love, love LOVE your product!!!...I sing your praises every time anyone on the bookkeeping/QB forums
asks about MICR check printing & software.
The directions for setup are very clear, easy to use, tech support is fabulous...what's not to love??

Nancy Gomez, Certified QB Pro Advisor, The Bottom Line

"I just wanted to reach out and tell you how important your product has been for my business operations. I run a management company and keep separate checking accounts for each different owners’ properties. Printing from QBooks using different check stock for all of these accounts would be a nightmare. Further, its prone to error as you naturally forget to change the stock every now and then. Your product has worked very well and saved me a lot of time."

Brian Coomans, GGB Properties Inc., Long Beach, CA


"I have used CheckMagic for a long time and really like it. You have been very helpful when I have needed assistance and I appreciate that a lot. The problems I have had always seem to come at times of system or Quicken updates, too. The problems have always wound up being not from CheckMagic, but from Windows or Quicken.

When I talk about paying bills by check with someone who uses a computer and especially when they use Quicken or QuickBooks, I always tell them about CheckMagic and how easy it is to use and how much safer it is to have blank paper around than blank checks. I always tell them about how check washing a CheckMagic check just leaves a blank piece of paper for a person who steals checks to use. I also tell them of the quick and excellent customer service, too. I hope you have gotten some business from the areas I have lived since I started using CheckMagic.
Have a better one,
Bob Bowls


The software is a valuable tool allowing the user to print their own checks using blank stock. I have used the software for over five years and have found the product to be solid. The helpful support staff  is a refreshing delight in this modern world.
~ Dave Hamel, Santa Maria, CA - CheckMagic 5.5 

I have been a checkmagic customer for many years. I have had it through many QuickBooks Pro updates and must say that the software works very well and any little issues are quickly taken care of by calling them directly. I would highly recommend their products to anybody.
Thank you, 
Metro Real Estate Co
, Auburn, ME


By Phillip D. Dunford, Jr.

CHECKMAGIC (800-394-9367) is a utility program designed for Quicken and QuickBooks users. This program intercepts Quicken and QuickBooks print files, appends MICR check information along with company and other bank information and prints checks using blank check stock. It is worth a serious look if you or one of your clients use Quicken or QuickBooks and want to eliminate the need for pre-printed check stock. CHECKMAGIC's web site is
CHECKMAGIC installs from two floppy disks and offers a very simple interface. It works by opening a print file generated by Quicken or QuickBooks and adding the additional information found on pre-printed check stock. With this program, users must print to file in Quicken or QuickBooks and then access the CHECKMAGIC program to print the checks on blank paper. This program is the closest you can get to printing on blank paper from within Quicken or QuickBooks.
CHECKMAGIC supports Quicken 5, 6, 98 and 99 as well as QuickBooks 4, 5, 6 and 99. Operating systems include Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0. CHECKMAGIC doesn't offer a fully Windows-compliant interface, as it doesn't use pull down menus to segregate program functions. Instead, 13 buttons are present that offer one-click access to all areas of the program, from printing checks to adding new accounts.
CHECKMAGIC comes in two versions, one for 10 accounts and one for 999 accounts. The 10 account version costs $19.95, and the 999 account version costs $59.95. In just a few runs, this program will pay for itself.
The CPA SOFTWARE NEWS may be contacted at: 110 N. Bell, Suite 300 Shawnee, OK 74801 405-275-3100

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The Providence Journal 
By Timothy C. Barmann, Staff Writer

Banks obviously aren't shy about raising checking account fees, but few of us go through the hassle of changing banks in search of a better deal. That's often because we've already paid for a box or carton of pre-printed checks that become useless if we switch banks.
But thanks to the wonders of desktop publishing, you no longer need to let your cache of pre-printed checks keep you from bank shopping. With some inexpensive software, a laser printer and some blank check stock, you can print checks on your own computer. These are real bank checks, complete with that strange-looking line at the bottom that contains your bank routing numbers and other codes.
Check printing software not only frees you to switch banks more easily, but it's cheaper too.
I tried one of the least expensive check printing programs called CHECKMAGIC, which works on computers running Microsoft Windows. The $19.95 program is made and sold by a burlington, company of the same name ( CHECKMAGIC says they have been selling the program for the last year and a half.
CHECKMAGIC, like many of its competitors, works in concert with another accounting software package such as Intuit's Quicken or Microsoft Money to write out complete checks that include the payee and amount information. CHECKMAGIC supports only Quicken and Quickbooks, but you can use it alone to print blank checks that look just like produced by a check printer.
I used CHECKMAGIC, along with Quicken, to pay about a dozen bills during a two month period, and all of the checks were accepted and cashed without any problem. Aside from the confusing setup procedure, the program was easy to use. The version I tried stores information for up to 10 different checking accounts, so you can write checks from multible accounts. A more expensive version that sells for $59.95 lets you write checks from upto 999 accounts.
The CHECKMAGIC software is not as polished as many Microsoft Windows programs. Its main window has an array of button selections, and during some setup operations, it was not immediately obvious which buttons to click.
You also need to change a few printer settings in Quicken that instruct that software to capture checks you write to a disk file, rather than sending them to the printer. Fortunately, you need go through this setup process only once. Using the software from that point on was a breeze. You write checks with Quicken, then start CHECKMAGIC and tell it to print the checks Quicken has stored on your hard drive. The program keeps track of the last check number you printed and numbers the new ones accordingly.
It prints your checks, up to 3 on a page, complete with the information supplied by Quicken. You just need to separate the checks, sign them, and they are ready to be mailed.
There's a point of contention between some check-publishing software companies and the American Bankers Association, which represents large and small banks around the country. Many of the check printing software devcelopers say you don't need anything beyond a laser printer using standard toner to print checks. But John Hall, aspokesman for the ABA, said you must use a special toner that contains magnetic particles. He said nonmagnetic ink slows down processing and that could delay the payment of a check. CHECKMAGIC responds that most larger banks now read checks using optical character recognition, rather than Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (hence the acronym MICR).
They said that if you write 10 to 15 checks a month, you don't need the magnetic ink. But suggests that businesses writing 50 or more checks a month get the magnetic toner cartridge. CHECKMAGIC sells these toner cartridges for about $85 each, which is not much more than the cost of standard toner. You can use MICR toner for all printing, not just check printing-- it looks exactly the same.
I didn't use MICR toner, and my checks went through, apparently without any special handling.
There's no question that check printing software can be a money saver. It's cheaper, for example, to buy the CHECKMAGIC software ($19.95) and blank check stock ($15.95 for 500 checks) than it is to order pre-printed checks from the maker of Quicken ($49.99 for 250 checks).
With products like CHECKMAGIC, it's now almost as easy to switch banks as it is to switch long distance carriers.
Timothy C. Barrman is a Journal staff writer. His column runs periodically in the Business section. Send him comments via e-mail at: or U.S. Mail c/o the Journal-Bulletin, 75 Fountain Street, Providence, RI 02902

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